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Wedding awards!

So this month we got some really exciting news. We’ve been nominated by our wonderful brides and grooms for the County Brides magazine North West wedding photographer of the year award. We are absolutely over the moon. Even if we don’t win, just to be nominated is fantastic for us. It shows that people really appreciate the hard work, dedication and passion that we put into every wedding that we shoot. The awards are in June and we will be there in attendance to hopefully pick up the award but we’ve also been practising our gracious, oscars losing face. You know the face what says.. “aww well done to the winner” but inside you’re actually saying “that should have been me” or “die!!!!” Haha I’m kidding. We are just getting into Wedding season this year and we’ve got some really great venues coming up. We are also going to be shooting some Boxing shows in the Manchester area. You can see all of our activity on our Facebook and Instagram accounts if you search for Karl and Kenny photography. 

If you haven’t already, please vote for us, it’ll only take one minute and would mean the world to us. Get in touch if you have an event that needs shooting. Where 2 photographers are better than 1....  

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