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Enlightening photo shoot

Sometimes it's great to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone and one of the hardest things as a photographer is taking photos in low light. So, why not try to improve on my skill set and try and improve?

I'm lucky to have a great friend who's 30th is approaching and I wanted to get him a gift that is personal. He also happens to share a common interest of mine, cars, and boy has he some outstandingly good ones. So I thought, two birds, one stone, let's have it. A gift from me to him, a photo of his beloved Mach 1 Ford Mustang. With wanting to improve on my low light photography I thought it a great idea to combine this with this shoot. So I told him what I'd like to do and me, Dave and Dale headed out one evening just before sundown to find a suitable location, off we went with the rumble of the V8 turning heads as we went and soon found ourselves a perfect location for the photo shoot to take place.

Knowing that light would be lacking and flash wouldn't be enough, I brought along my video light which is a constant adjustable light source to light paint his car with a long exposure. It was soon apparent that I couldn't achieve what I was hoping to produce with one photo, so let's crank it up a bit and take several photos where I only light certain parts of the car and I'd overlay them on top of each other within photoshop. I took approximately 20 photos but as it turns out I only needed 9 and below is the result. To say I'm happy is a huge understatement, this was the first time (but certainly not the last) I ever tried something like this and I even managed to impress myself, I huge sense of achievement was had by this experience and I can't wait to try some more of this style of photography.

Any car enthusiasts wanting some photos of their car? Send them this way, the camera is always ready to shoot.


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